Future Fair Online

Michael Bilsborough, BREYER P-ORRIDGE/Eric Heist, Kathryn Garcia, Kinke Kooi, Gabriela Vainsencher 

May 6 - June 6, 2020

Some say that abstraction is a safe place to hide. It's true. It is hard to find fault in the curve, to take offense 
at a splash of crimson. Yet not all abstractions are safe. Some conceal impish play; some contain incendiary 
plots; some approach the sublime. Here we present four artists and a collaboration whose removal of form 
plays with the erotic—with these ridiculously clumsy and delicious bodies in which  we live—but just barely. 
Shapes and colors and  textures gently nudge the viewer to a place of visual  bliss, but with compositions 
unsullied with anything that could be construed as coarse.
BREYER P-ORRIDGE, who have used their bodies as canvases for decades, collaborates with Eric Heist 
to pay homage to Warhol, continuing their Candy Factory series. Michael Bilsborough’s ​Xspx Drawings 
are optical experiences drawn from abstract models of space and form. In colored pencil, ink and more, this 
drawing series explores abstraction, bodily forms, and speculative fields. Each drawing is centered on a point, 
perhaps a rooted place for the traveler’s return. Kathryn Garcia employs an erogenous ombre filled with 
mountains and suns. Dutch master Kinke Kooi’s gentle works on paper swallow all things representative and 
birth weird tender shapes that confuse and delight. Gabriela Vainsencher has ceramics which twist into 
three dimensions, forcing them to rear up, or at least sit up. They are mash-ups of female body parts—breasts, 
muscles, hips, labia, and arms—with those of ancient Greek vessels: the necks, bottoms, and handles of amphorae and rhytons. 



Justin Adian, Walt Cassidy, Peter Clough, Graham Collins, Lucky DeBellevue, Double Vision (Agathe Snow & Marianne Vitale), 
Paul Gabrielli, Christina Kruse, Cary Leibowitz, Jillian Mayer, Robert Melee, Douglas Rieger, Diana Shpungin, Trish Tillman, 
Unknown, Gabriela Vainsencher

January 3 - June 1, 2020

Public opening, Friday, January 31, 6-8pm
Then by appointment only


Featuring a wide a variety of mediums - ceramics, wood, cast paper, resin, metal, video - 
this exhibition explores sculpture. On walls. We have cheated a little, as two objects utilize shelves. 
And one is floor-based. One is even a painting. Still, they are things on walls.

* * *

New Discretions is an art advisory and curatorial project by Benjamin Tischer of INVISIBLE-EXPORTS. 
Affective Care is a functioning office space, drawing from cutting edge research and developments in multiple fields 
to offer a wide range of services and treatments for psychiatric health, mental well-being, attention, and clear thought.

Visits are by appointment only. For more information, email: benjamin@newdiscretions.com.



Thedra Cullar-Ledford, Paul Kremer, Matthew Porter

A collaboration between New Discretions and Bill Arning Exhibitions

By appointment only



1a: individual choices or judgments left the decision to his discretion
b: power of free decisions or latitudes of choice within certain legal bounds reached the age of discretion
2: the qualities of having or showing discernment or good judgment : the qualities of being discreet : CIRCUMSPECTION especially : cautious reserve in speech
3: abilities to make responsible decisions
4: the result of separating or distinguishing