HOLD THE HORIZON CLOSE | Paul Gabrielli, LoVid, Agathe Snow

New Discretions is pleased to present Hold the Horizon Close, a group exhibition of recent works by Paul Gabrielli, LoVid and Agathe Snow. This is a collaboration with Marquee Projects in Bellport, NY.
Together, we live in landscapes. The sun rises. The sun sets on all. There is forever a future in the distance. The horizon still divides earth from sky, pasts from possibilities.  With this universal truth recognized, Hold the Horizon Close shares the work two artists and one collective, all expanding on the sincerity of landscape. 
Paul Gabrielli has made a career of trompe l’oeil sculptures, each composed of “everyday objects” that are themselves a combination of altered, manipulated, and meticulous hand-made elements. Recent work has focused on shelves that would be found in and around the home. These humble forms serve as both domestic signifiers and literal horizons. His most recent additions to the series introduce fabricated ombré “packaging” for the sculptures—a faux hanging device—invoking first and last light.
Though LoVid are known for employing analog electronic feedback as the source of their visual output, this snared energy often takes physical form, and they are increasingly embedding nature into their signal. Presented here are a continuation of their “paintings”—melding terrain and technology through craft, creating lush hyperspaces which offer both confusion and comfort. Also present are abstract works on paper taken straight from the voltaic, making solid the bandwidths in which we live.
Breaking from her well-established sculpture and performance practices, Agathe Snow presents a series of intimate paintings, Layers between Earth and Sky, begun at a residency at the Elaine de Kooning House. Confident, simple gestures on board trace the seasons. Two collages on paper (hand made by Snow) also provide a more chaotic celebration of color and line.
The horizon remains throughout.

REVIEW: https://deliciousline.org/review/487


Justin Adian, Walt Cassidy, Peter Clough, Graham Collins, Lucky DeBellevue, Double Vision (Agathe Snow & Marianne Vitale), 
Paul Gabrielli, Christina Kruse, Cary Leibowitz, Jillian Mayer, Robert Melee, Douglas Rieger, Diana Shpungin, Trish Tillman, 
Unknown, Gabriela Vainsencher

By appointment only


Featuring a wide a variety of mediums - ceramics, wood, cast paper, resin, metal, video - 
this exhibition explores sculpture. On walls. We have cheated a little, as two objects utilize shelves. 
And one is floor-based. One is even a painting. Still, they are things on walls.

* * *

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1a: individual choices or judgments left the decision to his discretion
b: power of free decisions or latitudes of choice within certain legal bounds reached the age of discretion
2: the qualities of having or showing discernment or good judgment : the qualities of being discreet : CIRCUMSPECTION especially : cautious reserve in speech
3: abilities to make responsible decisions
4: the result of separating or distinguishing