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Letitia Quesenberry



Letitia Quesenberry lives and works in Louisville, KY, and has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Cincinnati. Through the play of material, surface and technological process, she creates layered objects that expose anomalies in optical experience. Recent exhibitions include NADA Miami and Intersect Palm Springs with New Discretions, New York; 57W57, New York; Ryan Lee Gallery, New York; Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, Louisville; the Speed Art Museum, Louisville. She is the recipient of grants from SouthArts, Great Meadows Foundation, as well as the Al Smith Fellowship, the Efroymson Contemporary Arts Fellowship, and the Vermont Studio Center Helen Frankenthaler Fellowship.

The Estate of Genesis Breyer POrridge

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Genesis Breyer P-Orridge (1950–2020) was born in Manchester, England. He/r work has exhibited in museums and galleries across the globe, including DOX Center for Contemporary Art (Prague); the ICA (Philadelphia), The Tate Britain (London, UK); Deitch Projects (New York); The Andy Warhol Museum (Pittsburgh, PA); The Serpentine Galleries (London, UK); MoMA P.S.1 (New York); Mass MOCA (North Adams, MA); Participant, Inc. (New York); INVISIBLE-EXPORTS (New York); Kanal-Centre Pompidou (Brussels);  among many others. Her performances, artwork and gender theories have helped shape culture, and inspired innumerable others. The first half of Genesis’ archives are part of the Tate’s permanent collection. 


 The Estate of Stephen Irwin

Stephen Irwin (1959–2010) lived and worked in Louisville, Kentucky.

Focusing on the sublimation of the most prurient materials, Stephen Irwin has been exhibited at the New Center for Contemporary Art (Louisville, KY); The Speed Museum (Louisville, KY); the Contemporary Art Center (Cincinnati, OH); Maureen Paley (London); Gallery Diet (Miami, FL); r/e Projects (Madrid); PPOW (New York); Vox Populi (Philadelphia); Galerie Stefan Roepke (Cologne); Zephyr Gallery (Louisville); and DePauw University (Greencastel, IN); among others. His work has appeared in Beautiful Decay, The Huffington Post, Vice Magazine, Butt Magazine, and Art Papers, and is in the collections of the Speed Museum and 21c Museum, both in Louisville, KY.


The Bob Mizer Foundation


Bob Mizer (1922–1992) was born in Hailey, ID. 

A trailblazing photographer, filmmaker, and publisher. At a time when homosexuality was criminalized in the United States Mizer’s photographs were subversive and inherently political. For his perspective on eroticized representation alone, Mizer is often ranked with Alfred Kinsey at the forefront of the sexual revolution.

Mizer's work has been exhibited widely in the US and internationally, including the landmark exhibition Bob Mizer & Tom of Finland at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles in 2014 and NYU’s Gray Gallery. In 2009, Taschen published Bob's World: The Life and Boys of AMG's Bob Mizer, a monograph accompanied by an oral history with contributing artists David Hockney, Jack Pierson and John Sonsini ,followed in 2016 by the extensive two-volume edition of Bob Mizer. AMG: 1000 Models.

Mizer's photos are in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art, New York and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles.  The artist's archive is held with the The Bob Mizer Foundation in San Francisco, CA.



Clarity Haynes: Portals
Published by: New Discretions
12 1/4 x 9 x 3/4 inches

Publisher:New Discretions


Text by Leah DeVun, Harry Dodge,
Clarity Haynes, Jeanne Vaccaro.

Bare torsos, totemic altars, evocations of childbirth and gender fluidity form the basis for Haynes’ visceral, carnal oil paintings

Willem de Kooning once stated that flesh was the reason oil paint was invented. To artist Clarity Haynes (born 1971), the correlation between flesh and paint is alchemical. Portals is the first survey celebrating her paintings. The book explores her approach to nontraditional portraiture informed by feminism and gender interrogation, starting with her seminal The Breast/Chest Portrait Project, ongoing for the past 25 years; her series of trompe l’oeil Altars; and her new Crowning series. With her depictions of blood, Haynes revels in the abject and transcendent, in defiance of the taboo subject of childbirth in the history of art. Her queer activist point of view shifts the gaze to a decidedly visceral, sensual engagement with paint, challenging what bodies can be.